Chromebook VS. Laptop

Chromebook VS. Laptop. The biggest difference between other laptops and Chromebooks is that while others will ship with Windows and Macintosh, Chromebooks only ship with Chrome OS.

Chromebook VS Laptop
Chromebook VS Laptop

There are some hardware differences that seem consistent across Chromebooks as well. Firstly, Chromebooks seem to only ship with Solid State Drives, where other flavors of devices ship with whatever they want to stuff in there. Secondly, the Chrome OS isn’t very resource intensive, so for the most part you see slower Intel Celeron CPUs instead of the beefier i3, i5, or i7 counterparts. Thirdly they tend to have either 8gb or 16gb of ram. Given that the Chrome OS isn’t resource intensive, that’s generally plenty to get the job done though, some claiming boot speeds as low as 7 seconds.

Also common, they’re relatively affordable compared to their Windows counterparts.

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