What is a Chromebook?

What is a Chromebook? Well, first off it might seem a bit ambiguous. For the most part they’re low priced (ranging from about $150-$500) little laptops. However lately we have seen some trends emerging with new higher priced models.

Chromebooks generally deliver quite a bang for their buck over their less budget conscious competitors though, as they run primarily smaller form factors, slower scaled down processors and ram (the difference in price between the common Celeron and the higher performance chips is substantial), and they drop bells and whistles such as performance graphics cards and things of that nature.

Windows, Mac, & Google

The biggest difference however between a Chromebook VS. Laptop is that while others ship with Windows or Macintosh operating systems, Chromebooks only ship with the Google Chrome OS. This means that you won’t be taking your beloved system files on your move to Chromebook (.exe etc.)

The Google Chrome OS (or Chromium if you want the open source project) leverages simplicity to make it very quick to boot up, once inside you’ll have access to mainly Google Chrome and the Google Play store.

What is a Chromebook
What is a Chromebook-list
  • Low Priced
  • Google Os
  • Browser Based
  • Cloud – Docs Google Drive
  • Google Play Store
  • Lightweight
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Light Work Loads
  • Not For Games
  • Long Battery Life

Working in the Browser

These devices are pretty much entirely browser based, they don’t rely on bulky software to let you get the job done. So if you live in an area without a lot of internet connectivity it might not be the laptop for you. You’ll find that most of your documents and storage will be accessible by the cloud. This is for good reason as, to decrease cost and weight and increase performance the Chromebooks ship with small, lightweight Solid State Drives (SSDs.) This further enhances the perceived performance of the device because providing it with a blazing fast boot up speeds, reportedly as fast as 7 seconds.

Your main source of applications and extended usages will be found through the Google Play store, which now offers millions of Applications, Movies, TV, Music and Books. You won’t find the Chromebooks to be gamer friendly though, as we’ve already mentioned they lack the processing capabilities and high end graphics cards to take advantage of newer 3D games. However, if you’re into Angry Birds and the like, it could very well be your machine.

Chromebooks, are very lightweight … only a few lbs at most. They also come packed with WiFi, Bluetooth, HD screens, and fantastic batteries, some up to 8 hours or more.

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